WarPaths' Philosophy

These are the ideas that WarPaths will continue to build around as it adds more capabilities, more game formats, and more users. If you want to help us find the best way to implement these ideals, reach out for a demo for your organization and help shape the next round of improvements.

The outcome of any given wargame is never as important as the strategic options that are generated by conducting it. Focusing on winning a game based on rule sets designed to control for overly-creative approaches robs the sponsors of potentially useful options that were never considered at the game’s start. 

A deeper understanding of any issue, whether real-world or for educational purposes, is vastly more valuable than what typical wargame counters and trackers will indicate. Ah-ha moments should be leaned into – and the game format should allow for and encourage this. 

An approach that encourages debate and challenge will lead to better ideas, strategies, and ultimately executable plans, than will any pre-mature consensus. A consensus hides more useful information than it reveals. 

Relating ideas, background variables, and relationships to the problem at hand provides huge advantages over rule sets designed to artificially control for or represent them. Discussion should focus on “if, then…” rather than “I can’t because of…” a particular game rule. 

The best ideas come to those who wait – and have time to think on it. Using asynchronous games, or synchronous games spread out over several sessions, leads to higher quality ideas than forcing a 10-hour game upon tired participants. 

Freedom to explore the most useful, and unexpected, ideas will come at the cost of well-meaning measures intended to direct the conversation toward the topic (and usually, the desired solution) at hand. Ruthlessly cut those measures back and blend them into the background. You can bring them out when necessary, but they shouldn’t be at the forefront. 

All of this means that wargaming should be used as an exploration tool. Useful exploration does not often occur at highly-scripted, drawn-out events. WarPaths is intended to help maximize the opportunity to explore over multiple settings – even in the same game. 

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