Client Case Study

Strategic Education International

Client ChallengeStrategic Education International (SEI) is an educational non-profit organization that improves the understanding and practice of security strategy among current and emerging national security professionals. One of its key lines of effort is to provide cutting-edge educational programs to national security professionals within the Department of Defense and across the US government. Students in the program are geographically dispersed across the United States, to include Hawaii, as well as abroad. While presentations and lectures can be delivered via video conferencing, best practices in strategy courses include providing multiple hands-on practical exercises to apply and solidify the lessons learned during the course. To deliver such an experience to students of the program, SEI required an innovative approach.

Client Results: SEI has utilized the WarPaths platform to deliver three (and counting!) wargaming experiences to their students. These wargames have been conducted synchronously, utilizing a single-screen, dashboard view of the WarPaths platform in conjunction with a video teleconference for live discussion. Scenarios have included a crisis with China over Taiwan, and a war termination scenario focused on the Ukraine/Russia conflict. The specifics of the background and gameplay were built to reinforce the key learning outcomes of the course. We look forward to continuing this partnership in elevating strategic education!

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