Client Case Study

The US Army Modeling and Simulation School

Client Challenge: The US Army Modeling and Simulation School at the Center for Army Analysis trains the next generation of wargamers in modeling and simulation for the Joint Force. One of its key courses provides an orientation to the use of simulation and modeling for Functional Area-57 (Simulation Operations) Army Officers. Course constraints that emerged from COVID forced these events into virtual training. In order to provide a practical exercise experience for their students, as well as provide some ideas for conducting wargames at their units, the Center contacted Strategy Connections, LLC. This was driven by the experience of one of its administrators with WarPaths in the MAELSTROM Wargame conducted by the UK Fight Club (see this case study link below).  

Client Results: The school has contracted with Strategy Connections, LLC for use of the Warpaths platform for each iteration of their modeling and simulation during the contract. These wargames have been conducted synchronously, utilizing a single-screen, dashboard view of the WarPaths platform in conjunction with a video teleconference for live discussion. Scenarios have focused on a Russian grey zone conflict waged in the Baltic States. Map conditions (represented by colors on the interactive map) were used to capture information about the extent of Russian and NATO influence among the governments and populations involved in the crisis. The specifics of the background and gameplay were built to reinforce the key learning outcomes of the course. We look forward to continuing this partnership in training military simulation professionals!

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The U.K. Fight Club is a NATO-wide grassroots organization that uses wargames to advance the tactical, operational, and strategic skillsets of its members.

Strategic Education International (SEI) is an educational non-profit organization with a mission to improve the understanding and practice of security strategy among current and emerging national security professionals.