Wargame Software and Strategy: Useful Matchup, or Useless Distraction?

The best process of developing strategy is always a hotly debated topic across industries – especially in the world of national defense. This article looks at one particular aspect of this debate: what role should wargame software have in an organization’s effort to develop strategy? Is a computer game or

“Serious Games” and Global Challenges

Serious games are those where the primary purpose is to hone a skill, rather than to entertain. Serious games can be used in a large number of areas including healthcare, teaching, diplomacy, and obviously, the military. The skills in these experiences can either be for educational or analytic purposes. The main distinction

Online Wargaming: Advantages of Distributed Wargames

Online wargaming is a solution to some problems you are aware of, and even some that you are not. COVID created challenges for all professions as organizations attempted to adjust their activities, but for those involved with wargaming the challenges were particularly acute. Wargaming is a discipline that typically insists

Strategic Wargames: Tools for Building Strategic Insights

Designing effective strategic wargames can help in the process of learning about complex environments in a variety of domains and lead to improved decision making. Wargaming extends back to the Prussian military in the 1820s when it was used for more tactical-level planning and training for operations in war. Even

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