WarPaths' Origins

WarPaths was designed to solve a problem made more acute by COVID: How can you conduct a quality wargame or decision simulation with participants spread out over long distances – even across time zones? Early versions of the platform focused on solving this issue primarily through supporting asynchronous games – players would coordinate as a team to review other teams’ inputs and develop their own for the next turn. As it evolved, it became more focused on tools to facilitate synchronous games. See this case study for an overview of its first use.

Where WarPaths Is...

The platform is currently built to support either Matrix or Seminar wargames. A number of tools have been added to enhance user experience, facilitate multi-game management by the same white cell, and better support in-person, synchronous games. 

Where WarPaths Is Going

The platform will continue to evolve in line with the principles described here. To keep up to date, follow the LinkedIn page for new features, articles, and use cases.

Tom Nagle, PhD, is the creator of WarPaths, and a retired US Army Strategist and former armor officer. He has held strategy and planning positions with the Multi-National Corps Iraq, the Army Staff at the Pentagon, US Special Operations Command, and US Central Command. His academic research has focused on national-level strategic decision processes during war termination. He holds a PhD from Georgetown University in International Relations, an MA from Georgetown in US National Security Policy, and a BS in Economics from the US Military Academy at West Point. He is currently pursuing an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. 

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