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About WarPaths

WarPaths was designed to solve a problem that was made more acute by COVID: How can you conduct virtual wargames, or decision simulations, with participants spread out over long distances – even across time zones?

Learning to meet this challenge is clearly important for organizations that would like to take advantage of available time with these decision exercises. Poorly constructed work-arounds to the barriers created by COVID are likely to result in low quality experiences as participants are forced to juggle 3 or more forms of technology to communicate and submit their arguments or game “moves.” This spreading of the experience across systems is also likely to result in a disjointed history of the decisions made over the course of the simulation.

Complicating these challenges with distributed wargames are other issues that were problematic even before the pandemic:

  • Most commercial wargames are heavily controlled by complicated rules sets, which creates a barrier to getting participants up to speed.
  • It is unlikely that such games will address your set of concerns “out of the box” without a great deal of customization. Custom wargames and come with heavy time and resource investments.
  • Heavily-planned and resourced events come are unlikely to be formats that encourage true bottom-up creativity since the degree of centralized control for these events is naturally higher.

WarPaths was designed to lower the barrier for developing a customized wargame that a client can quickly set up, focus their key issues, and easily rerun the exercise to test multiple aspects of the scenario.