Virtual Strategic Wargaming

Customize a wargame to explore your organization’s strategic challenges. 

WarPaths is an online wargaming and decision simulation platform designed to elevate your organization’s strategic thought, options, and problem-solving on pressing challenges. It is built to allow you to quickly quickly create and manage multiple wargames on geostrategic topics of your choice. 


Conduct team-based wargaming of strategies with distributed or in-person participants over an indefinite / controllable timeframe. Spend a few hours, or a few weeks, diving into geopolitical issues of your choice.


Focus the simulation on specific strategic questions, design your own scenario, and iterate to explore and develop creative strategic approaches to your most pressing challenges. Choose between a matrix or a seminar-style game.


Choose to employ any or all aspects of national power in turn-based geopolitical competition. You are free to focus on a range diplomatic, military, economic, informational, or other actions depending on your needs.

Build Your Team's Global Perspectives with Two Formats:

Matrix Wargaming

Run competitive, team-based wargames on topics related to strategic competition. Leverage a rich information environment consisting of scenario backgrounders, intelligence reports, key media publications, incident icons, and unlimited participating teams. 

Customize your teams’ turn inputs with proposed changes in map conditions, unit movements and activities, allowing up to 3 arguments per turn per team, and enabling comments and responses on all argument inputs. Choose between a traditional matrix format or one centered on the elements of national power. 

Allow Red teams to publish propaganda items in a media outlet they control, and more!

Seminar Wargaming

Run cooperative panel decision discussions on topics as varied as the economic impacts of the opening of northern shipping lanes, handling the delivery of international aid to war-torn regions, building diplomatic ties with emerging powers, creating deterrence options, and more. 

Use the seminar options to run presentation-style games with preset turns and issues, or allow for a more participative game with text-based responses to key strategic questions tied to the problems in each turn – synchronously or asynchronously.  

Reach out to discuss options for customized maps and overlays to support your use case.

Featured Case Studies

WarPaths has been used in professional and educational settings. To get a sense of how it is being employed, check out one of the three case studies below. Click on an icon to view a full case study.


WarPaths Advantages for your Next Wargame:

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