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Built for conducting team-based strategic wargames online.

WarPaths is an online wargaming and decision simulation platform designed to elevate your organization’s strategic thought on pressing political / military challenges. It is designed for national security professionals and students.


Conduct team-based wargaming of strategies with distributed participants over an indefinite/ controllable timeframe. Spend a few days, or a few months, diving into geopolitical issues of your choice.


Focus the simulation on specific strategic questions, design your own scenario, and iterate to explore and develop creative strategic approaches to your most pressing challenges.

Grand Strategic

Choose to employ any or all aspects of national power in turn-based geopolitical competition. You are free to focus on diplomatic, military, economic, informational, or other actions in your simulation.

Take a global approach

Because factors at the strategic level are so varied, games to support strategic decisions have to provide enough flexibility to accommodate a wide range of possible decisions. One of the most popular ways to do this is using a matrix-style decision simulation.

Matrix arguments in WarPaths consist of up to three categories of text, changes in map conditions (represented by colors) and changes to team icons (military units, diplomatic teams, economic investment, and informational cells). 

Along with completely customizable scenarios, this provides you with the maximum flexibility to address learning objectives or real-world challenges with distributed expertise.

WarPaths provides key advantages over a traditional wargame


As a web application, it allows you to conduct a decision simulation with distributed participants.


A WarPaths game can be conducted asynchronously, providing time for teams to reflect more deeply on their strategic arguments.


WarPaths allows you to better integrate your simulation with normal business operations, rather than trying to cram a wargame into a large, single event.


The simulation can be reset and rerun at your convenience to explore challenges from multiple angles. Plus, you can explore new strategic questions, build in new teams, and change users.


War Paths can easily transition between remote and in-person strategic wargames by adjusting the time allotted for each turn.

Featured Case Studies

WarPaths has been used in professional and educational settings. To get a sense of how it is being employed, check out one of the three case studies below. Click on an icon to view a full case study.

The U.K. Fight Club is a NATO-wide grassroots organization that uses wargames to advance the tactical, operational, and strategic skillsets of its members. 

Strategic Education International (SEI) is an educational non-profit organization with a mission to improve the understanding and practice of security strategy among current and emerging national security professionals.

The US Army Modeling and Simulation School at the Center for Army Analysis trains the next generation of wargamers in modeling and simulation for the Joint Force.

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Strategic Wargames: Tools for Building Strategic Insights

Conducting strategic wargames on WarPaths

Conducting strategic wargames provides a number of advantages to organizations, including: controlling bias in decision processes, identifying new opportunities, and exposing weaknesses in existing plans.

Online Wargaming: Advantages of Distributed Wargames

Online wargaming with WarPaths

Online wargames give your organization an option to bring in distributed expertise, easily reset and rework scenarios, and allow for more time to develop new perspectives and innovative approaches.

“Serious Games” and Global Challenges

Online wargaming with WarPaths

“Serious games” are used to hone a skill and can analyze or educate. Learn how serious games can help your organization achieve its goals.

Contact Us for Questions, a Demo, and a Trial!

Please contact us for a free, one-hour demo and trial period.

Your free demo will include a walk-through of the platform capabilities and 20 minutes dedicated to getting you through the first steps of game creation for your trial. Your trial will be available for 2 weeks for up to 10 participants.

If you decide to subscribe, anything created for your game during the trial will be available for your use during your subscription.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have on capabilities, as well. US government organizations can request a capabilities statement below.